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Cristo Lopez, PhD
I dream, think, & create. I write about it with an open heart | Gringo retired in Mexico | Want my FREE writer’s spreadsheet for Medium?

Humor about aging gracefully. Or not.

And for those under 60 who want to know what to look forward to. Or not.

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Sixty is an excellent age… if you’re a bottle of wine.

— Anonymous

Politics | History

Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Washington crossed the Delaware. What line will the heir to the Cult of Trump cross?

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Rage, Don’t Age

And I’m trying hard not to go gentle into that good night.

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Medium vs. NewsBreak

Yes, at least for now.

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Living A Compassionate Life

Lessons learned about compassion and love from a jolly old monk.

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How is your supply of compassion these days? I’ll admit, mine has been flagging recently.


Politics at the End of the Trump Era

I want justice, and I want the rule of law to have the bite of a tiger. But if that feels like revenge to Trump and Trumpism, so be it.

Photo by Clovis WOOD on Unsplash

It’s time for the bite of the tiger, people.

Cristo Lopez, PhD

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