Except to read a few articles by writers I've followed and learned from over the last couple of years (like you, Tom), I have mostly abandoned Medium. For about 6 months I was writing (though not publishing) every day, sipping the Medium Koolaid that tasted like the promise of sweet success and fantasizing about the $1000 a month I might bring in from my stories. Then, my readership plummeted overnight. My meager earnings didn't even cover the electricity it took to power my laptop. I had to become Indiana Jones to find new and talented writers with something interesting to say. I began to realize that "My Words Don't Matter." I had been duped into becoming a Medium writer. But while I was allowed to contribute, I wasn't allowed to be seen. My $5 a month subscription was going into the pockets of "professionals" who wrote grammatically correct but boring drivel. I'll keep lurking for a while, just to see how my Medium homepage changes. It's going to take a lot to get me to start dedicating hours of my day to writing for Medium again. I'm over 60 now, and while Ev may have the time and money to conduct these social experiments, I don't have the time or money to be one of his lab rats. Thanks for your angle on this, Tom. You're someone I'll continue to read.

I dream, think, & create. I write about it with an open heart | Gringo retired in Mexico | Want my FREE writer’s spreadsheet for Medium? https://bit.ly/38HhJam

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